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Alkaline Water Sharing Bags

  • $29.50

These Alkaline Water bags are exactly what you need to share the water like a professional. No more filling water jugs and trying to explain how your water is different because now everyone will see the value you're giving them right away!

When people see this water bag, it looks like it’s something you would purchase at the store, so they will naturally be curious and ask where they can get the same Alkaline Water, making it a perfect conversation starter for you!

The nozzle is the perfect size for filling the bags from your Kangen water machine and it pours smoothly into any cup or water bottle. Plus, the handle is very sturdy so you can carry it anywhere without worrying about the plastic ripping.

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We sell in quantity of 5, 10, 25, and 50.  The more your order, the more of a discount you will get on these bags!

Please allow 2-3 weeks business days for delivery due to high demand.


-BPA-Free, Reusable Plastic

-1.32 Gallon/5 Liter Capacity

Size: 5L

5L: Approx. 32.7cm x 30.5cm/ 12.87" x 12.01" (unfolded without water)